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Scholarships & Bursaries

There are a variety of bursaries and prizes available to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Some of these are available by application, while others are awarded on the basis of merit. Interested applicants are advised to contact the Scholarships Officer, James Cook University, telephone (07) 4781 5528 or email for more information.

Dean's Academic Award 

All enrolled students are eligible to compete for the Dean's Academic Award. This award program is specifically designed for all students enrolled into our Brisbane programs. Awards are of monetary value.

The Dean's Academic Awards will give all students in eligible programs the opportunity to improve their Grade Point Average (GPA) throughout their stay at JCU Brisbane and ultimately and hopefully be eligible to compete for a JCU university medal

Students are measured on GPA. Scoring ranges from a low of 1.0 to a high of 7.0. The exact GPA can be found on the academic transcript for each student and is updated after the official JCU results of each Trimester of study.

The Award recipients are subject to the following conditions.

  • Students who maintain* a GPA of 6.50 or better at the end of each trimester receive an $AUD1, 000 bursary which is placed towards their tuition fee for future subjects. 
  • Students who maintain* a GPA of 6.0 to 6.49 at the end of each trimester receive an $AUD500 bursary which is placed towards their tuition fee for future subjects. 
  • Students who maintain* a GPA of 5.55 to 5.90 at the end of each qualifying trimester receive an $AUD250 bursary which is placed towards their tuition fee for future subjects. 
  • The Award is measured at the end of each trimester of study excluding a student's first trimester and a student's last trimester.
  • The GPA bursary is only available at JCU Brisbane, and only applicable to students enrolled in approved programs, as per the listed programs in Appendix 1.
  • Currently, there is no limit to the number of GPA bursaries awarded each trimester. Should JCU Brisbane, in the future, limit the number of such bursaries awarded each trimester, then the available GPA bursaries will be awarded on academic merit measured by the application of the GPA scale. 
  • Other conditions may also apply as indicated below#.
  • JCU Brisbane reserves the right to adjust or alter the Academic Award scheme, with the proviso that a minimum one (1) Trimester notice will be given in writing to the student body.

Please note:

*The word 'maintain' refers to an ongoing GPA measure located on an academic transcript

Students will not receive a GPA Academic Award bursary under any one of the following circumstances: 

  • Fails to enrol in a full study load of three (3) subjects minimum in qualifying Trimesters.
  • Failure to make full payment for ALL enrolled subjects by the advertised fee payment date for each trimester. Census date is indicated on the JCU Brisbane Academic calendar found on the JCU Brisbane website.  
  • If the student is found guilty of "Academic Misconduct" in any subject (e.g. cheating, plagiarism) or program during the period of their enrolment at JCU Brisbane
  • If the student withdraws prior to the completion of their enrolled course
  • If a student is enrolled diplomas or certificates or through cross institutional studies or non award subjects. Refer to the list of diplomas or degrees that qualify for inclusion in the scheme (Appendix 1).

Appendix 1.

Qualifying programs*

  • Diploma of Business (with or without approved credits)
  • Bachelor of Business including all related Majors (with or without credits)
  • Master of Business Administration including related Majors
  • Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Information Technology including related Majors
  • All joint Master degrees as combinations of the above single degrees

*Students enrolled in Postgraduate certificates and diplomas are ineligible. Students enrolled in single non award subjects are ineligible.

Appendix 2.

After the official release of results at the completion of each Trimester the Campus Dean will provide a report listing all qualifying students who achieved/maintained a GPA > 5.50 by category. This summary along with the student's financial position will provide the data upon which decisions are made as to the eligible students x program. The list when complete will be provided to the JCU Brisbane executive for endorsement and the applying of fee credit(s) to a student's fees account.

Policy approved by the JCU Brisbane Executive July 2012.

Tuition Fee Bursary

Tuition Fee Bursary
JCU Brisbane may sometimes offer tuition fee bursaries to international students enrolled in a full degree program (with exception of 12 subject post graduate programs).  All tuition fee bursaries will only be paid into a student's JCU Tuition Fee Account against their outstanding balance.

Students awarded with these tuition fee bursaries need to note that they will not be eligible to these bursaries in any one of the following circumstances:

  • failure to make full payment for ALL enrolled subjects by the appointed Tuition Fee Payment date for each trimester.  Tuition Fee Payment date is usually two weeks after the commencement of lectures
  • withdrawal from a nominated course, or movement to a shorter or cheaper program
  • withdrawal from JCU Brisbane prior to completion of their enrolled course
  • transfer to another JCU campus
  • if the student is not enrolled in a full degree program
  • if the student is found guilty of "Academic Misconduct" in any subject eg. cheating, plagiarism
  • if the student is sponsored, on a scholarship or on an exchange program

Tuition Fee Bursaries are only redeemable in the final trimester of studies, and will only be paid towards subjects studied at JCU Brisbane and will not be paid directly to the student in any circumstances.

The bursary will be forfeited if, for any reason the subject is studied at another education provider.

James Cook University Brisbane reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice.