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  • Yao Jin

    China, Master of Professional Accounting/Master of Business Administration StudentYao Jin

    My experience at JCU Brisbane tells me that choosing to study here is just so right. Here, I can build a solid professional knowledge base which directly supports my future career in finance and business areas. I study in a friendly atmosphere; I get continuous support from the lecturers and support staff all the way through my study.

    My lecturers provide opportunities and encourage me to interact with the "real world" of finance, such as attending the ICA student employment evening, CPA free assessment event, Commonwealth Bank and Bank of Queensland AGM's. All this knowledge and experience gives me confidence and vision, helping me learn and grow to be a qualified accounting professional in the future.

  • Eszter Kiss

    Hungary, Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Student Eszter Kiss

    Choosing a foreign country to continue our studies has a lot of benefits. On one hand it provides self-confidence, better understanding of cultural diversity, overall way of thinking, discoveries of global contexts and new methods of studying. It also provides challenges, friendships and professional background information for job applications. On the other hand, the "unknown" can be confusing, like getting used to different education and assessment standards.

    Thankfully, JCU Brisbane offers the support when you need it. The Student Resource Centre (SRC) and the Language & Learning Centre (LLC) aim to provide students with adequate help for their successful studies. I found their workshops, assignment checking sessions and enthusiastic help extremely useful. The SRC and LLC facilitate professional as well as personal development. I would like to say thank you to all the staff for their support.

  • Julija Ovnic

    Slovenia, Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management StudentJulija Ovnic

    My name is Julija and I am from Slovenia. While travelling around Australia, admiring its diverse landscapes, beautiful beaches, amazing wildlife, enjoying the friendliness and open spirit of Australians, I instantly realised that Australia is the place where I would like to undergo the international study exposure.

    From November 2010, I have been enrolled in the Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (MITHM) course at JCU Brisbane. By completing this course I expect my English to improve and to gain valuable knowledge in tourism and hospitality management.

    When starting my course with JCU Brisbane, I was afraid my English writing skills were not sufficient. For that reason I attended several workshops offered by the Learning and Support Centre, which helped me to work on my English and build on my confidence.

    I also joined The Student Mentor Program which turned out to be more than helpful. By participating in this program I received guidance and also gained a new friend. It has exceeded my expectations, which is why I decided to become a mentor myself. The role of a mentor provides me the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills, improve my communication and build on my interpersonal skills. All these are required for successful performance in management positions, which is where I aim to be in the long run.

    With the help and support of Joblinx, I have also landed a position with a large national membership organisation, where I am currently working part time as an Event Management/Marketing Coordinator. My final internship subject will be incorporated into the role and once I have completed my internship, I will be employed full time. I am truly enjoying my work and looking forward to the new challenges this position will bring in the future.

    The MITHM program at JCU Brisbane has provided me with considerable academic knowledge, helped jump start my career and enriched me with an overall positive and enjoyable experience.

  • Rishi Vakharia

    India, Master of Information Technology/Master of Business Administration StudentRishi Vakharia

    Out of the four campuses of JCU, I opted for the Brisbane campus because it is the only campus which provides an internship program that would help me gain technical and managerial skills and also more industrial knowledge.

    The friendly environment and the location of the Brisbane campus makes one feel at home. The positive response from the lecturers, the Joblinx team and competition among students encourages me to work hard throughout my course.

  • Taher Ali

    United Arab Emirates, Master of Business Administration studentTaher Ali

    Hi, my name is Taher Ali. I'm pursuing my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from James Cook University Brisbane (JCU Brisbane). I would firstly like to thank JCU Brisbane for providing me with a professional internship opportunity at The Sarina Russo Group (SRG) as part of my studies.

    As a child, I always dreamt of having high ambitions and doing great things. I feel I'm moving in that direction and have taken the first step towards fulfilling that dream by joining SRG with the support of the staff at JCU Brisbane, who are dedicated to bringing the best professional experience for their students.

    Being a MBA student, interning at SRG taught me so many new skills that I will use to further my marketing career. In my time here I have worked on building and executing many marketing strategies, which allowed me to see the beginning of projects from the first idea to implementation. I worked as a social media strategist and some of my responsibilities were:

    - Develop, implement and manage a social media strategy to define a methodology that uses social media marketing techniques to increase brand visibility, user membership, traffic and retention.
    - Experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media for brand exposure.
    - Through the use of analysis tools, monitor social media trends and applications.
    - Measure the impact of social media on the overall marketing efforts

    Thank you SRG for such a fantastic internship experience! I learnt so much from the great team at SRG, who were always helpful, insightful and willing to ensure I learnt as much as possible.

    I had the opportunity to work with so many different individuals with various skills, which broadened my understanding of not only a working environment, but the importance of working with a great team! They have enlightened, inspired and helped me to improve various skills and to gain new knowledge in Social Media marketing. Every single day was exciting and challenging. As an International student this has been the most crucial learning stage for my career in Australia.